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Welcome at Arrow and zeppelin

3 February 1968
French very huge fan of shows tv and in second of movies. My best show number one in my heart since 2006 Supernatural. I 'm addicted at jensen ackles who have everything( beauty,talent). I continue to Watch the show that for dean cause sam suck (sorry). I stopped to be fan of jared since two years sorry.
My others show tv Teen wolf,Hawaifive(alex .torchwood paul barrowman . I love lot chris hemsworth (thor,avengers). I adore to share,have friends ,offer,speak. I love everything what is hot,manip,sexy,fics deansamj2 ( yes cause imagine the jared of before) it's my secret garden.Very important for me I respect the actors , their lifes , their choices, the limits ,fans. Don' never hurt,bashing actors that we love but support them. The english ins't my first language so some mistakes in my english. Show tv and movies are a light since all kid, have friends is very important for me since always. I can't live without friends,give and receive love. I ask lot at my friends and i give lot. I love so much the conventions supernatural, see the fans, the universe twilight,the planet of apes. Im rarely on the Live journal but very active on fb and twitter. Love of france.

credit at agt_spooky. thanks honey for your marvellous manips.